Thursday, 14 February 2013

Break Through today with Jahvan and Dylan

We decided to work together.  We put the wheels on so he could roll and we got arms for him so he could grab stuff.  He likes to grab food!  We decided to make a sword because it likes chopping down trees and to chop food so he can eat.  We put the eyes on so he can see what he chops.  We made a robot and they have eyes.  He's got a jetpack on his back and he's got a radio by his jet pack.

We chose to work together because we can't do it on our own.  We like collaborating and wanted to show our parents this blog photo!  We didn't have much time so we made it quickly.

By Jahvan and Dylan


  1. I LOVE your creation! and good for you for thinking through allt he things he would need. yes, obviously eyes to see where he's chopping. and a sword so he can chop...and you have to have arms to chop too! AND he has a huge mouth which is good since he likes food so much -- good job guys :)

  2. Lily says: I like your robot Dylan and Jahvan. I think you collaborated.