Monday, 4 February 2013

Day One!

What an exciting first day at Stonefields School for many of our brand new learners.  The Learning Hub One students who returned after the holidays did a great job of showing our new learners around the hub.  They showed great leadership and supported their new friends well.  Our new learners have settled well and can't wait to get into all sorts of exciting learning!!

How was your day?

This is what we got up to:

Us on our very first day of 2013 (and the very first day ever at school for many of us)

If you have a chance, you might like to talk with your child and write a few words about their first day in this 'Answer Garden'...


  1. Role model, This is what Kush told us and he was very happy today.

  2. What a great reflection, Kush! We had some amazing role models in LH1 today.