Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Let's make our hats special!

Hi everyone who looks after us,

Here at Stonefields it's very important that we're sun safe as the New Zealand sun is very strong!  We all proudly wear hats as part of our school uniform but we're having some problems with them getting muddled up and going missing.

We need your help!

Could you please ensure they're labeled clearly, both on the label and on the hat itself (as tags can come off) and attach something that is easily recognisable to your child... ribbon, a button, an initial embroidered (and visible whilst being worn) all all great options.

Doing this allows us to check hats in passing and also allows the learners to check for themselves.  If they just have their names it means we have to check through the whole hub at the same time which is a time consuming process and time we'd all much rather spend learning.

Thanks very much for helping us to be sun smart Stonefields learners!

Learning Hub One

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