Friday, 15 February 2013

Miss Hinge and her amazing learning!

Miss Hinge got her Building Learning Capacity Sticker for uploading and creating her first video blog post. She had to use the learner quality of being determined. Can you think of any other learner qualities she may have used to get of the 'Learning Pit'?


  1. Go Miss Hinge! I bet you had to make lots of connections to work out how to put the video into your post. Mrs Jackson, you've been Building your Learning Capacity too by blogging!

  2. Inspired teaching! I love it! Thanks for inviting us to share! (from face painters forum :) )


    aka Oopsie Daisie the Clown

  3. Lily thinks that Miss Hinge had to be self aware. She also thinks that she might have had to collaborate with Miss Holland to learn how to do it. Miss Hinge would have had to use thinking to work out how to put the video in the post.

  4. Miss Hinge's dad18 February 2013 at 07:58

    Well done Charlotte

  5. well done Miss Hinge for being self aware.