Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Sid the Bearded Dragon

Today Sid came to live with us in Learning Hub One!

We said he was
  • born in New Zealand
  • spikey
  • he has holes for ears
  • yellowish brown
  • his family is from Australia
  • he is named Sydney which is a place in Australia
  • Sid is a boy

We talked about Sid and drew some picture plans.  Here are some of them...


"Sid has scales and stripes on the tail and four little legs and a big tongue.  He has a little baby.  I like Sid!"


"I like Sid.  I'd like to invite him to my party and I like when he visits.  I liked his changing colours when he's hot and not hot.  He has a beard and he looks like a dragon but he isn't and that's why they call him a bearded dragon."


"Sid is spikey and he has a stripey tail and I like him.  I liked when he visited Stonefields School.  I learned that he eats peas and bugs."


"Today I drew the picture of Sid.  Sid is spikey and he only has a hole and doesn't have a thing on the outside (of his ears).  He is brown and he changes to yellow.  I love Sid."

Then we had a go at writing our own descriptions of Sid.  Here Emily, Riley, Lonneke and Isabelle share their ideas with us:

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  1. Kush spoke to me about his experience with Sid, He has a liking for reptiles and we google about him.